The Biggest Threat To Dallas In The NFC East?


The Dallas Cowboys dominated the division that is usually pretty tight every single year. New York Giants had their number in both games, and they also had a good season, but the Cowboys had this division in their bag all year long. There isn’t much that other teams can do when you go 13-2 in your first 15 matches and then drop the one in Week 17 because you were saving your players for the Playoffs.

They should be the favorites to be at the top of the East this year as well, but it looks like it is going to be a race to the top again in this division. The other teams around the Dallas Cowboys have gotten better, and they are ready to challenge that offense. So, who is the biggest threat to the ‘Boys?


It’s the New York Giants hands down. Not only because of the fact that they shut their offense down twice in two games last year but it is because they got better on the offensive side of the ball. Even though they had some weapons last year, their offense was based on whether or not Eli Manning can hook up with Odell Beckham Jr. for a big play in a game.

Now, with Brandon Marshall on the team as well, the Giants have two legit number one high power wideout players on their squad. Teams like Cowboys, which aren’t known for their defensive prowess are going to struggle to stay in front of these guys. Giants can be that sleeper team this season in the NFC, and we would not be surprised if they were to win the NFC East this year. But, the Cowboys should still go into the season as the favorites.