Ryback Rips Independent Wrestlers

Source: wrestling-edge.com

We can add Ryback to the list of the talents that was angry about the way that they were treated in the WWE and that have left the company because of that. Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio are also just a few names of the top of our head that left the company for the same reason. They, just like Ryback, are no longer with the WWE and are working on the indy scene now.

It can be an exciting place to be as you are always working with a lot of different wrestlers, but it can be frustrating at times, especially if you can’t handle the fact that you are not in the biggest company in the world when it comes to wrestling. Going from performing in front of 15.000 or more people to wrestling in front of 500 people can be something that you can’t easily get used to. That is just one of many differences that there are.

Ryback has noticed something else that he really doesn’t appreciate regarding the guys that are working on the indy scenes. He does have a big podcast as a platform to talk about the business, a lot of people are following him on social media like Instagram, so his voice is still heard very well in the world of wrestling.


Recently, he has been complaining about guys not knowing how to sell properly. When you hit your opponent, you want him to sell the move the right way as it affects you a lot. If your rival doesn’t sell for you, some of the moves that you do can look pretty weak. That is why Ryback is ripping these guys as selling is one of the most important things, you need to make your opponent look good if you expect him to do the same thing for you later on.