Free Bets With No Deposit Required – A Safe Bet to Beat the Covid-19 Blues

A third of the world is in Covid-19 induced lockdown and while it is saving lives, it is also costing businesses dearly. The online sector is faring better than traditional shops but even so companies are having to come up with novel concepts to remain in business.

The bookmaking – or online sportsbook – industry is no different. With mainstream soccer, rugby, golf and tennis on hold and horse racing severely curtailed sports betting turnover is substantially down. Ironically, at the same time more and more people are turning to the internet and online gaming to occupy themselves.

There are virtual sports and lotteries but online poker has experienced an amazing boom since the start of the coronavirus outbreak as people with time on their hands search for entertainment during a time of social distancing. Recent figures indicate a global five-year high with more than 45,000 average concurrent players towards the end of March – that’s an incredible 50% rise on February when we were all free to work, drink in pubs, eat in restaurants and roam the streets.

Fishing for New Customers with Free Bets as Bait

Not all of these online poker players are gambling for real money or even entering low stakes tournaments, many are playing for nothing in freeroll poker tournaments. In fact, according to a recent study, the number of people playing free to enter and ‘no deposit required’ online poker freerolls has skyrocketed way beyond the 50 percent increase on overall online poker play.

The glory of online poker freerolls is the ability to win withdrawable cash without the need to make a cash deposit into an online card room. In fact, unlike many ‘no deposit required’ free bet bonuses, there is no cap on the amount of cash you can accumulate and withdraw.

The best online bookmakers do not only offer free to play online poker (along with online casino games such as free spin slots), they also offer their customers the ability to bet on poker hands under the guise of ‘exchange games’ betting.

Low Hanging Fruit

But right now the one thing online bookmakers need most of all is new customers and to achieve this goal they are altering their business model. They continue to offer free bets, free slot spins and free online poker bets (under the guise of freeroll tournaments) to their loyal regularly returning customers. But new customer sign-up offers have been sweetened and they now give potential new customers the potential to win meaningful cash courtesy of no deposit free bet offers.

If you check out these no deposit free bets you will be surprised what is on offer.  Gone are the days of having to deposit real cash and place a qualifying bet in order to receive a new player free bet bonus. The streamlined free bet system of customer acquisition means only a registration process needs to be completed and you can turn a free bet into cash within minutes… if you can find a winner!

With this system online sportsbooks are leaving themselves wide open as their potential best upside is a new customer who does go on to deposit and gambles regularly, but their downside is a wave of people making off with cash winnings.

Make Your Free Bets Profitable

Oh well! If you are not likely to shed a tear and rather like the idea of making hay with bookmaker’s money your scheme should be simple. Check out these no deposit free bet offers at and open several online betting accounts that offer such bonuses. Once you have several free bets, then cover all potential outcomes in a sporting event – the home win, draw and away win in a soccer match for example.

It’s not unscrupulous, in an ironic sense covering all the potential outcomes and making a profit regardless of the result is actually what bookmaking is all about. In any case, with free bets without deposit criteria currently being offered all over the place (due to Covid-19), it’s a fun and financially productive way of making some small ‘fun money’.

Fun, there’s a word… Taking a free bet before making a cash deposit onto a new online betting site is associated with ‘fun’ because of the obvious ‘no risk’ element.  But never forget the biggest satisfaction with gambling is winning cash. You can have fun when you spend it.

Top Tips for No Deposit Free Bets

Check out some of these no deposit free bets top tips…

  • Firstly always read the terms and conditions associated with no deposit free bet offers. You may find there are some rules regarding ‘turnover’. This is placing additional bets, reaching a designated ‘turnover’ figure before you can withdraw your winnings as cash.
  • Secondly be sure to be very clear about the amount of money you can win via a no deposit free bet offer. As we previously stated free bet offers can cost operators a lot of money so this new wave of no deposit free bet offers induced by the Covid-19 lockdown, normally come with some restrictions.
  • Think carefully of what you can win when placing free bets and be sure potential winnings do not exceed any withdrawal limits. Similarly familiarise yourself with bet stakes. It might not be the case you have to place just the one free bet. You may be able to place several bets for small even micro stakes. However, there could be restrictions on you placing more than one free bet on a race or match.
  • Finally, if you do spin a profit from a no deposit offer you will need a way or means to withdraw your winnings. Consequently while not making an initial cash deposit on to an online casino, sportsbook or poker room, via payment card, you may need to register a debit or credit card in order to channel your winnings back to an account allowing you to enjoy your winnings. Be prepared for this at the outset.