Samoa Joe Injured A Long Time Ago?

Samoa Joe was on the rise this summer. He entered the Universal Championship picture just because Braun Strowman got injured and WWE had to create a plan B for the Great Balls of Fire pay per view. It was supposed to be a one and done deal for the Samoan Submission Machine. But, he stepped up his game on the mic big time and forced himself into the main event of the Summerslam.

Things were looking good for Samoa Joe, but he got hurt after the biggest party of the summer. It was his knee that gave out, and he was forced to sit on the sidelines for at least a couple of weeks. It seems that his recovery is going pretty well and that he will make his in-ring return in the late October.

As a matter of fact, it looks like Samoa Joe problems didn’t start at the Raw event after the Summerslam. According to him, his knee had been bothering him ever since he was in the NXT. Instead of dealing with it right away, he was putting off taking care of it. Now, it needed to get done.

“The recovery’s going really well but I’ve only been able to perform at about 80 percent capacity since joining NXT. Back then I had no chance to take time off because of the WWE opportunity before I was just treating the knee problem with ice and elevation at home.”

Samoa Joe didn’t want to jeopardize his future with the company. Now, he is an established star on the main roster, and he saw a chance to finally get 100 percent healthy. His 80 percent effort is already better than what most are giving at full health. We can expect an explosive Samoa Joe when he makes his comeback and his knee recovers.