Samoa Joe Not Surprised About Indies Stars Succeeding In WWE


Like many superstars that recently came to the WWE and NXT, Samoa Joe was a star on the Indy scene. He has wrestled for a lot of promotions and was very successful for a long time. All of that experience enabled him to be where he is today – on Monday Night Raw, the flagship show of the biggest wrestling company in the world.

He is not the only one who came from the indies that made it to the biggest stage in wrestling. His long-long time partners like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries among others have also made it to the WWE and are pretty successful. The Destroyer is not surprised about that at all.

“It’s no surprise to me. It’s funny because it’s surreal how often I hear fans are surprised that in 2017 who would have thought, which is often a term that I hear used whenever you use any of those names in conjunction with WWE. It is definitely no surprise. The cream rises to the top. The very best of this business will find their way to the biggest stage and seeing all those guys now come to WWE just proves that theory and it’s awesome to see everybody up here with me.”


Samoa Joe also took the time to explain the moniker of “The Destroyer” that he has, and he also expressed what he thinks of it.

“I think it’s very, very perfect. I was kind of tasked with a mission, and whenever I’ve been given a mission at any point in my career I’ve fulfilled it. Right now, my mission is to run through the WWE roster, wreck as many people as possible in the most efficient fashion. Me being called the ‘Destroyer’ is a moniker I seek to live up to.”