Why Is AJ Styles The Next Top Babyface In WWE

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WWE has always been the land of the giants. Big and bulky guys always had the advantage, and that was always what Vince was looking for. Those larger than life characters and wrestlers that appear like Superheros was what this sport was all about. That is why Hulk Hogan was so successful just like a lot of people after him. But, wrestling has changed, and guys like that don’t always rise to the top. That is not what the fans today want.

The company wants to push Roman Reigns down people’s throats as one of those larger than life characters, but the fans are rejecting him. They don’t want him as the next top babyface. Daniel Bryan was that guy, but his career got cut short because of his injuries. Now, the company is still going forward with their plans for Roman, but he is not the guy, he is not the future of the organization in this regard. The guy is AJ Styles, at least for the Smackdown Live roster, if not for the whole WWE.

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If the company is looking for that next John Cena, he is not on the roster right now. Nobody can carry the company like John Cena has in the past. But, as far as a top babyface for a brand goes, there is nobody better than AJ Styles. He is doing everything possible as a heel to get booed, but it is just not working. The fans love to see him in the ring. When you see him doing 450 splashes, you just can’t boo the guy.

There is a lot of money in the AJ Styles babyface run, and the company needs to pull the trigger on him. With John Cena leaving the company after Wrestlemania for a movie filming, Smackdown Live needs a top babyface. AJ is the guy that WWE should go with. Nobody is better on that roster than AJ. Everyone sees that, and it’s just a matter of time before we see Styles face run. Hopefully, it comes sooner than later.