Samoa Joe On If CM Punk Will Return to WWE


CM Punk is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. Over three years have passed since he left the company and the fans are still wondering when is he going to make his comeback. His run back in 2011 and 2012 was great as he was at the top of his game, over with the fans like some of the greatest Superstars of all time were back in their hey-day.

Whenever somebody mentions the possible return of CM Punk or anything related to him, everybody just starts checking if those rumors are true and get on board with the hype machine. He himself has stated that he is not returning to the WWE, but many people have said that in the past, people that burned a lot of bridges with the company but eventually made it work.


Many believe that CM Punk is going to be no different and that he will eventually make his return when he starts missing professional wrestling. Nobody knows when that might happen, but if we take a look in the past, it will happen. Here is what Samoa Joe thinks about CM Punk and whether or not he is going to the return to the business that he once loved.

“You never know with Punk. He is definitely somebody who does things his own way and I think the biggest thing is that you can never count out what his next move will be. I think no one would have predicted his move to UFC, nobody would have predicted a lot of things he does, so whatever he chooses to do, he will do what feels best in the moment.”