Takeaways From Cowboys 20-18 Win Over Cardinals

Source: www.foxsports.com

The football came back after months of absence with this Hall of Fame game between the Cowboys and the Cardinals. The contest itself was much better than anyone thought it would be as it was pretty competitive all the way until the end. The Cowboys ended up winning the game 20-18, but that really doesn’t matter. These games are just for the players to show out and get in the groove. The winner is not really important in these friendly matchups.

That doesn’t mean that the players won’t go all out in order to prove that they belong on the roster. Cowboys backup quarterback Kellen Moore saw a lot of action on Thursday night and he was quite decent. He did struggle a bit in the first half with that interception that he threw as it looked pretty forced, but he did go to the break with the stat line of 7 completed passes in 11 tries for 135 yards with one touchdown and one INT.

Source: www.foxsports.com

On that scoring play, Rico Gathers was the one that impressed as the ball was thrown just where it needed to be for him to use his athletic ability and get all six points on that drive for Dallas. He has stated during the offseason that he is ready to contribute and he has already done that here in the preseason.

Other wideouts that played, including Brice Bulter, were quite good. Morris and Smith will fight for that RB3 spot until the end of the camp as they had pretty similar performances yesterday, with Smith maybe edging out Morris just based on the eye test.

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The defense was shaky in the first half as Gabbert led his team to the red zone two times in a row, but later they stepped up and were able to hold the Cards to just 18 points. These were of course just guys on the second and third unit for both teams, so we shouldn’t praise Gabbert for this good performance against the ‘Boys.