Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the Iris Scanner: Apple Has to Keep up or Bow out

galaxy note7

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S7. The flagship phone by the Korean company put the company ahead of competitors such as Apple. Now, Samsung wants to roll out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before Apple launches the highly anticipated iPhone 7 in September. The Note 7 will be available for sale from August 19. Will Apple keep up with the high standards Samsung is setting?

Yesterday, the South Korean tech company announced the latest iteration of their large screen phone. The 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with incredible features; Key among the features is the iris scanner. Also, the phone sports a display that curves down on both sides. Samsung had to skip a number from the predecessor, the Note 5, to match the name and the technology of their latest release to the earlier release, the Galaxy S7.

Note 7 Iris Scanner

Samsung paid attention to security when developing the Note 7. It features an iris scanner. The human retina is almost impossible to replicate, not to mention more accurate than the current security technology in most flagship phones, the fingerprint sensor. The iris scanner will receive a warm welcome from customers who are security conscious. But, tech experts are warning that people are not yet to appreciate biometric verification is phones. Few think the Note 7 will outsell the Note 5.

Another impressive feature in the Note 7 is the high definition range video. We are in an era where consumers value entertainment. To avail HDR video streaming in select regions of the world, Samsung partnered with Amazon. HDR is ranked highly as far as video entertainment is concerned. Other notable advances in video and picture include virtual reality and 4K Ultra HD.

The Galaxy Note 7 announcement is timely, to say the least. The announcement comes about a month before Apple announces its 2016 smartphones. Samsung and Apple are the world’s leaders in the smartphone business. By the time the Apple smartphones come, the Note 7 will have won the hearts of many users. The new Samsung device comes with the Samsung Pay service and will be available in a range of colors: black, blue, gold, and silver. Yesterday, Samsung also announced the upgraded Gear VR headset.

The iris scanner in the device uses an infrared camera lens embedded in the front facing camera lens. The technology can also encrypt other folders in the phone even when the phone is unlocked. The retina detection is efficient and fast; it takes less than a second to scan and unlocks, according to a test performed in London. The retina detection technology will also authenticate Samsung Pay services.

The iris scanner is not the only wonder in the Note 7. The phone comes with a waterproof stylus pen. In other words, the stylus pen can work underwater. Practically, you can use the phone in the rain. Our fingers prove useless when we try to use them on a wet screen. But the stylus will work on a wet screen. Samsung also improved the pressure sensitivity of the stylus to match that of a ball-point pen.

The Note 7 also comes with a 12MP rear-facing camera, a high capacity battery, faster and larger chipset, USB-C connector and it is lighter than the Note 5.

Samsung started the Note series in 2011. Consumers were initially concerned with the large screen of the phone. However, the Note series has gradually attracted a large following.