Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaked Photos Excite The Fans

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was a feat of technology, but it appears that the new Galaxy S9 is going to dwarf the ongoing devices if we can trust these leaked photos. We expect the South Korean tech giant to launch the new flagship phone at Mobile World Congress which commences on February 26. This means that we only have to wait few months until the new device arrives!

Since the official reveal is close, there are many rumors and speculations about the new phone. Some of them claim that the Galaxy S9 is going to be equipped with Qualcomm’s brand-new Snapdragon 845, that would increase the speed of the device even more. However, there is a possibility that Samsung may not get exclusive use of this processor in early 2018, so the Snapdragon 845 powered gadgets may be introduced later.

Changes inside are clear, but according to the leaked images, the Samsung Galaxy S9’s design will be different also. The 3D renderings have been posted by SlashLeaks, and they indicate the similar curved screen like the one on the S8. Based on the photos of the rear end of the phone, the S9 is going to add DSLR-style depth of field to images take on the device. A dual-lens snapper is already included on the S8, but it appears that Samsung wants to take their new phone to the new heights.

With the dual-lens camera and a high-quality of the taken pictures, Samsung will easily compete against the rivals such as the iPhone X. The S8 and Note 8 have been criticized because the fingerprint scanner has been placed next to the camera and if we were to trust these images, that would change. Take this info with a pinch of salt since these are only rumors.

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