Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown – Survivor Series Predictions

The 5v5 match at the Survivor Series is something that is a tradition for this pay per view. There have always been two sides that were feuding going into the SS, and they ended their storyline with this 5v5 battle. Since the WWE did a brand split last year, they made this pay per view about the clash of the brands. Raw going up against Smackdown looks like something we will be seeing for years to come.

This Survivor Series 5v5 match is really stacked. The company has done a great job of building up this battle and making it inte

resting. The teams are full of stars, and we are going to get a lot of storylines going on. Right now, we are going to try and predict a few of them.

First of all, we are going to get some tension between Triple H and Kurt Angle. This looks like a Wrestlemania match, and WWE is for sure going to have something happen between these two.

There is also going to be some disconnection between Balor and Samoa Joe who look like they will be feuding going forward. Something will happen that will cause Joe to go on a rampage against his teammate.

One the blue side, we are going to see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn enter the match. There is no doubt that they will have a major role here as they are not on the card and they have been booked as heels. Smackdown Live team is full of babyfaces which is going to fit in nicely with what WWE is going to do with Zayn and Owens.

In the end, that is going to determine the winner. Monday Night Raw team is going to win this match as Kevin and Sami are going to hand them the win by somehow turning over on Orton, Nakamura or Shane McMahon. Those are the main storylines to watch for and the possible finish to this battle.