Samsung Takes the Battle to Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Doorstop with New Samsung Pay Advert


Samsung has decided to take matters in its own hand and confront Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) directly with its new advert about Samsung Pay.

The narrative that is depicted in the advert is simple. In the advert, Hannibal Buress is shown buying things from a Katz’s Deli outlet in downtown New York. In the carefully choreographed footage, Hannibal is seen asking the attendants how is going to pay using his smartphone. He is actually shown grasping a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The attendant seems reluctant and says that he is not sure whether they have a system that works like Apple Pay. But Hannibal, in an interesting climax to the story behind the advert, says that he is sure that his smartphone will work pretty fine with the old system.

Away from the portrayal in the advert, the technology behind Samsung Pay is truly revolutionary. The system has been designed to work in a manner that is similar to the old technology that made use of the magstrip. The system sends a special signal to the normal card readers that are used in many payment systems across the world.

The signal that Samsung Pay sends to the systems is interpreted as information that has originated from the familiar magnetic strip that is found behind your card. What this means is that unlike the traditional way in which one has to swipe a card, using Samsung Pay only requires one to be close to the terminal and the magic happens. All these events are made possible by the use of a type of innovation called Magnetic Secure Transmission.

From the manner in which Samsung advertisers its payment system, it is clear that the company is now ready to take on Apple straight on. For years, Apple has been left to dominate the market using the narrative that it is the most innovative and stylish company.

It has repeatedly sent this message to the whole world in the manner in which it advertises its products in the market. However, Samsung has come out to strongly refute the Apple narrative and claim that it can as well make extremely innovative products.

In the advert, Samsung seems to emphasize the aspect of user experience. It shows that using Samsung Pay is an easy and greatly satisfying experience. This message is likely to resonate quite well with the audience. And the bottom line of all these is that Samsung Galaxy is prepared to directly compete with the iPhone in terms of the use of the device for paying for goods and services.