Samsung Will Unveil Unknown Device, Sends Invitations


Samsung scheduled an event for February 26 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the South Korean tech giant sent out invitations to the press, which means that the company wants to unveil something. It remains unclear what exactly Samsung plans to release during the Mobile World Congress, and we will find that out at the event itself. According to the invitations, it appears that they will present a device that has similar dimensions as a tablet.

In the past, the company has unveiled latest Galaxy S models at the MWC, so we should see the Galaxy S8, but it seems that Samsung has something else up in its sleeve. However, when the company introduces new Galaxy, you can see the “Unpacked” branding in the invitation, as you can see in the photo below. When Galaxy S7 was presented, it came with that “Unpacked” type of card, but these invitations don’t have that trait.


There is no “Unpacked” sign, and Samsung also stated that they would postpone the announcement of the Galaxy S8. They probably decided to delay the release of the new flagship smartphone because of the issues related to the Note 7, which was discontinued due to battery problems. Koreans must not allow another similar fiasco, and it is better for all if Galaxy S8 arrives slightly later and works properly.

According to the well-informed source that was the trigger of this leak, Evan Blass, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on March 29, leaving February 26 in the veil of secrecy. Follow us for more details and find out what Samsung plans to present at the MCW. What do you think that can be?