10 Funniest Super Bowl Car Commercials

Source: theodysseyonline.com

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in sports in the US, and everyone will watch the duel between Atlanta Falcons and NE Patriots this Sunday as they will fight for Super Bowl LI. However, there is more to Super Bowl than just football and commercials are always a highlight, with various companies spending a lot of money to grab the attention of millions of viewers.

This year, we are going to see a lot of car makers that will advertise their products during Super Bowl. For example, Honda will use this chance to introduce the new CR-V and few other manufacturers will definitely appear during the commercial break. We are several days away from the Super Bowl, so let’s take a look at some of the funniest Super Bowl car ads of all times.

Honda – A New Truck to Love

Honda advertised their new 2017 Ridgeline with an in-bed audio system during the commercial break and this ad “A New Truck to Love” is quite entertaining. There is a dozen of singing sheeps and in the ad they are singing a hit song from Queen – Somebody to Love. On the Honda’s YouTube channel, more than 7 million people have seen this advertisement.

VW – The Force

In 2011, Volkswagen advertised its new 2012 Passat, but it wasn’t a regular commercial. In the video, we can see a young boy, who is trying to impersonate Darth Vader, as he is trying to use The Force on the family dog, the fridge, the sink, but he is struggling. His dad parked the Passat in front of the house, and the kid managed to use The Force successfully on the new car.

Hyundai – First Date

This is just a loving commercial for the new Hyundai Genesis with Kevin Hart playing the role of a dad whose daughter is going on a date. He gives car keys of the Genesis to the young guy that came by to pick up his daughter and follows the couple around the city thanks to the Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics system. The ad won USA Today’s coveted “Ad Meter” during the last year’s Super Bowl.

Bridgestone – Reply All

Bridgestone is not a carmaker, but it definitely deserved a spot as one of the funniest car-related commercials with its Reply All advertisement. Some guy accidentally sends emails to all his contacts, and he races around town to delete those. He does that successfully thanks to the new tires, as this commercial was inspired by an errant replay-all email sent by the spot’s creative director.

Toyota – The Longest Chase

Toyota Prius is not the perfect getaway car, but in the 2016’s commercial “The Longest Chase” it is. After robbing the bank, somebody stole the thieves’ car, and they are forced to run away in a Prius. In the commercial we see that the Prius can do everything – it is fast and silent at the same time, and the goal of the ad was to show car’s 58 mile-per-gallon range on the highway. We don’t recommend running away from the police in the Prius, though.

Chevrolet – Happy Grad

GM asked fans to make a car commercial for Super Bowl XLVI and Zack Borst, who was 26 at the time created a funny one. After graduation, some guy got a Chevy Camaro convertible from his parents, but that was not the gift he received. Take a look at the video by yourself and see the disappointment on the young man’s face.

Chevrolet – Soap

This is a commercial for the Chevrolet SSR from 2004 and Ad Age called the spot: “a perfectly constructed, perfectly casted and even perfectly photo-composed setup.” Namely, in the ad, a lot of kids are sitting sadly with soap in their mouths, and the reason for this is once they saw the new SSR they went “Holy” and the end of that sentence was interrupted by the engine roar.

Ford – Green Light

Ford advertised their Mustang convertible, and we can see the guy driving it in the middle of nowhere in heavy snow. This commercial was aired in 2005, and it shows what happens to a fan that gets too excited about a new car, driving in sub-zero weather with his top down. Although it takes some time for the ad climax, Ford did excellent with this commercial.

Audi – Green Police

Audi’s 2010 Super Bowl commercial was named “Green Police” and it is a bit dramatic with the Cheap Trick’s The Dream Police soundtrack in the background. Audi advertised its A3 TDI “Clean Diesel” in a rather entertaining way.

GM – Robot

In General Motors “Robot” commercial, it can bring few laughs at the end, but it is a sad ad all the way through. It was supposed to show how careful GM was with 100,000-mile warranties and in it, a robot dreams about making a mistake because of which it jumps off the bridge. However, Robert Gebbia, then the executive director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention said: “It was inappropriate to use depression and suicide as a way to sell cars.”