San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

Just two weeks after they met in San Diego, these two teams will go at it yet again. This time it’s the Broncos that will have home field advantage as well as their coach on the sidelines. Chargers were successful against Denver in that matchup, but this one will be a bit different than the previous one.

Trevor Siemian had another week to get better and to recover from the injury he suffered just a couple of rounds ago. Denver won its game last week, and it looks like they will get back to winning streak or at least they will try to. This is one of the best defenses in the NFL and Philip Rivers, and Chargers offense will have their hands full.

Even though they are on a two-game winning streak and have won their last matchup against Broncos, Chargers are entering this duel as the underdogs. They excel in shootouts but struggle when involved in a low-scoring game. When you play against Denver’s defense, you know you won’t score many points. The question for San Diego will be if they can stop that Broncos’ offense.


We think they won’t be able to slow them down enough. Chargers are going to put up some points because Rivers is too gifted not to be successful with his offense. Still, Denver is going to get their revenge and win this one 28:21 in a Mile-High City.