US Government spends $3.6 Million For President Obama and Tiger Woods golf outing

The United States Government Accountability Office has reported an enormous expenditure on one of President Barack Obama’s official trips. In 2013, the President was visiting the master golf athlete, Tiger Woods, from some friendly games. This excursion cost was a total of $3.6 million of taxpayer’s money. The GAO office had reported on Thursday.

Obama has always been known to be an extreme fan of the sport. He had even received a lot of criticism for this issue throughout his entire presidency. The president went to Floridian Yacht and Golf Club to get golfing lessons from Woods’ previous coach, Butch Harmon.

In a Washington Times report, the analysis of this trip was presented. About two hundred thousand dollars per hour were spent for the use of the Air Force One. An essential unit in the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard were employed to assist in looking after the security of the head of state. A good number of military planes and boats were used. Some personnel from the Pentagon and the U.S. Homeland Security were given daily allowance and travel expenses. All this is quite normal and regular if you want to fully protect the most important man in the country.

President Obama’s excursion, which included met up with Tiger Woods, lasted four days. Because of its duration, the government used six more military transport aircraft. These men flew a total of twenty-two flights or even more just for this leisure activity.

It was the Republican senator, John Barrasso, who had requested for this check. The senator had always been known to be President greatest critic on his drive to impose automatic spending caps in his administration. He had always attacked Obama for his costly trips despite the leader’s strong aspiration to lower government spending.

Meanwhile, back in the game, Woods was in the habit of presenting the game’s status after their rounds to give an update on the president’s golfing skills. The updates were pretty good.

President Obama would have already become an excellent golfer if he did spend more time playing the sport. Tiger Woods pointed out.

The golf tycoon also confessed that Obama is not the only president who had played golf with him. He also had a good game with the former President Bill Clinton. That was at the Alotian Club in Arkansas.

Tiger Woods enjoyed playing golf with President Obama, and when interviewed, he addressed the state leader as “Mr. President”, but he doesn’t usually use that title with his golf buddies. He had given several nicknames to all his golf playmates including President Obama who he had dubbed as “Partner”.

President Obama may be good at sport, but his opponents and supported are not very happy with the excessive amount of tax payers money it cost him to do just that.