San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts – Week 3 Picks And Predictions

San Diego Chargers have looked better in Week 2 than most people expected after losing a player like Keenan Allen. He was the favorite target of their QB, and everyone thought that its absence would impact the team even more. They overcame his loss against the Jaguars at home. But, will they be able to do it against Andrew Luck and the desperate Colts.

Indy hasn’t looked impressive to start off the season. Week 1 game against the Lions has shown us just how horrible their defense is. Colts just look the same every season. They have a great Quarterback, and they go as far as he takes them.

Not worrying about how awful their defense looks like, and not really protecting their franchise QB. He has been able to win some games for them in the past, but this season it’s not looking good for this squad.

Chargers are the underdogs in this matchup. Most of the people predicted that this team won’t make the Playoffs and even though they had a good outing in Week 2, they will most likely be watching the postseason from their homes, just like we will. Their defense is just not good enough to compete with elite offenses, and Colts will expose them this week.

We are predicting that the Colts will get the job done on Sunday, at home, in need of a big win. Andrew Luck will have a great day; we expect him to throw for around 350 yards, maybe even 400 with a couple of touchdowns. It’s going to be a high-scoring game, but the Colts should prevail in this game with a 34:24 win.