San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks – Week 3 Picks And Predictions

Another heated divisional rivalry will be on display this week when 49ers visit the Seahawks in Seattle. These teams have had some great games in the past couple of seasons, but not both of them are contenders for top places now.

Seattle is still one of the best teams in the NFC, while the 49ers are looking to surprise everyone by making the Playoffs. Seahawks suffered a tough loss to Rams in LA last Sunday, but now they are at home and looking for redemption.

Russell Wilson has played hurt for most of these first two games and hopefully he can get closer to 100% as he is their best player on offense. Now, when Marshawn Lynch is not there anymore, it’s all on Russell to score them some points. They weren’t able to put a lot of points on the table so far, but things will change, and they should start doing that this week.

San Francisco is a respectable team, got that great win against Los Angeles on opening night of Monday Night Football, but still, they are not a match for this ‘Hawks team. Gabbert is just not going to do them any good long term. It’s just mind blowing that Colin Kaepernick is not starting for this team.

And it will cost them this time around. Gabbert just won’t be able to make enough plays for this team to win a road game in Seattle. It won’t be a high-scoring duel, but Seattle should handle their business and win this game 24:13.