San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Preseason Week 1 Predictions

It is time to start from the ground from the San Francisco 49ers. They have had a horrible 2016 season. No, really, they couldn’t have a more horrifying year with all that talk around Colin Kaepernick, is he going to start, his problems with the media because of the kneeling before the game during the National anthem. Now, they are going to be without all of that and they can focus on winning some games.

The fact of the matter is – it’s not going to be an easy season for Shanahan and his team. They don’t really have a quarterback that is going to be able to carry them to the postseason. Bryan Hoyer is going to start this game and he is going to be their starter this season. That doesn’t mean that he can’t lose his job, but he would have to be really awful in the Preseason.


Barkley is going to play as well as he is battling for that number two position on the QB depth chart. Kerley is going to be playing at wideout just like Goodwin who is a great deep threat, but Garcon as a veteran might miss this game. Their draft pick Trent Taylor is going to see some action and he might beat out Kerley on the depth chart.

As far as the Kansas City Chiefs are concerned, they will likely go with Smith in the first half, but Reid has said that their draft choice Mahomes II is going to get a good look in the second half. Smith is going to have to be really careful. If he makes a lot of mistakes this upcoming season and is too conservative, Mahomes II can get to the starting lineup really quickly.

Since the KC Chiefs are a better team, we are going to pick them to handle the 49ers in this game. 30:21 as the final score for the Chiefs sounds just about right.