Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets – Preseason Week 1 Predictions

The New York Jets look like they are going to be the Cleveland Browns of 2017. When we tell you that, you know that they are geared for a bad season. If we were to pick the worst team in the NFL this year, we would roll with the New York Jets. It seems that their offense is probably the worst in the NFL. Nobody really has a clue about how they are going to score a lot of points.

McCown is their quarterback, but all three are going to get some looks against the Titans. Hackenberg and Petty are going to see some action, with Petty likely being the second quarterback on the field while Hackenberg is going to be the third to take the field. Enunwa is injured and out for a season, which means that there are no wideouts on this team that has over 100 catches during their career. The defense is good, but the offense is not going to do so well.

Source: www.metlifestadium.com

On the other hand, the Titans are in one of the weakest divisions and they will look to improve and finally get back to the Postseason. They made some improvements last year, but this is the time where they need to try and take down the Houston Texans as they are the team to beat here.

Even though this game is in New York, the Jets are not a good team. They will be at the bottom of the standings in both their division and their conference. The Titans are going to win this game 26:13 on the road.