Season 4 Cedar Cove – happening or not?

The finale of Season 3 of the Hallmark’s Cedar Cove ended leaving the audience in suspense and eager to discover the real motive for Paul Watson (played by Colin Ferguson) leaving the town.

However, will the Hallmark Channel request additional season of their first drama series?

In the third season finale, the new district attorney in Cedar Cove made a decision to put an end to his relationship with the judge of the municipal court Olivia Lockhart (played by Andie MacDowell). He left town at the time of the wedding of her best friend Grace Sherman (played by Teryl Rothery) and Cliff Harting (played by Sebastian Spence). Still, no insight is given so as to why Paul had to move out of town, leaving Olivia all the more puzzled.

Everyone is waiting for Hallmark Channel to announce the series’ fourth season formally. But until that happens, fans and actors can only make guesses about their characters’ destinies in Cedar Cove.

Brennan Elliott said in a recent interview that if Season 4 happens, he would like his character Warren Saget to fall in love. Elliott’s role of a slick land developer is one of the least lovable characters in the series, but he said that might change if he finds his special someone.

He explained that he sees Warren as someone who is finding himself and that now he is supposed to find a woman who can love him and help him love himself as well. A girl that can help him understand that he doesn’t have to do anything for power, that you need to love yourself first, and that you don’t have to please everyone. The actor shared that they’ve been talking about his character falling in love and that it might be interesting to have it in the sequel.

However, Elliott hasn’t got a clue whether the network will have the show back on, in spite of Season 3 finale receiving excellent ratings. Nonetheless, the actor is optimistic and hoping that Cedar Cove will return for another season.