Seattle’s Emerging Running Game Should Concern The Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys had a great 2016 season. They are the number one seed in the NFC and the road to Super Bowl will have to go through Dallas. After finishing 13-3, they are considered to be the favorites to go to the Super Bowl. But, they do have a list of challengers.

When Dallas started to separate themselves from the other teams in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks were still considered as the biggest threat to them and maybe even the favorite. But, they started to play inconsistent football, and their defense took a big hit with the loss of Earl Thomas.

Their offense was decent, but the hole that Marshawn Lynch left when he decided to retire was still noticeable in Seattle’s offense. Now, with Thomas Rawls showing against the Lions, there is a possibility that they can be a big threat to the Cowboys if he can keep it up.


Of course, Lions defense is not great. But, if we look at it that way, Falcons are not known for their defense and the Dallas Cowboys‘ offense and running game kept their defense from being on the field and getting exposed. So, it’s not like Seattle can face much better defense than the one they faced last night.

Rawls running the ball with efficiency could keep that Dallas offense off the field. But, more importantly, they would keep that defense on the field longer than they are used to. If Rawls can run the ball the way he did last night against the Lions, Seahawks can still make some noise in the NFC.