The Curse Of Oak Island – Treasure Of Captain Kidd In Money Pit

There are many theories related to Money Pit and Oak Island, and we are seeing Lagina brother’s, Rick and Marty trying to uncover what is hidden there. One of the theories includes the story about Pirate treasure that has been buried by Captain Kidd.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular stories regarding the mystery that Oak Island hides and since there is no information about season 5 it is quite possible that the explorers will finally resolve this story. Will we get the conclusion or the story or Rick and Marty will continue?

Let’s get back to Captain Kidd and his treasure. One of the first theories suggested that the pirates buried huge amount of valuable things into Money Pit. There are many that believe that Kidd made a deal with Henry Every and that the Oak Island was used to held their stash at one place.

One of the stories that confirmes this is about a man that confessed that the treasure is buried there. According to this story from a former member of Kidd’s crew, pirates have buried few chests on an island “east of Boston.”

Pirates theory are not over with this as we could also hear that Blackbeard, Edward Teach, was one of those that could hide its treasure in this location. Some sources suggest that he claimed that the immense wealth had been hidden and the location has been described by the man himself as a place “where none but Satan and myself can find it.”

The current season has only a few more episodes to show, so it will be interesting to see if there will be the continuation of Lagina brother’s adventure or if this is it. What we do know is the fact that some fans are getting impatient.