Sending Secret Messages: How to Text Your Crush Anonymously – 2024 Guide


We live in an age when anonymity is not much appreciated. Everyone wants to be famous. But, as always, there are exceptions. Some of us want to keep things low profile. This especially goes when we’re talking about our personal affairs. Today, thanks to tech development, we have dozens of ways of sending messages. Most of them include being direct and introducing yourself. If you’re using Instagram, Viber, or Telegram, your picture is usually included too, in the messaging process. This takes a lot out of anonymity.

So, what can you do, if there’s a person of interest but you want to keep that little bit of mystique about you? Have you given any idea about sending secret messages? There are many ways of being romantic these days, and none of them have to include sending DMs on Instagram. If you’re one of those people who wants to do things differently you’re going to enjoy this 2024 guide on how to text your crush anonymously. While you might be inclined to believe that in today’s time and age, this is impossible, we beg to differ. Check out how it can be done.

Alternative Texting Services


As we said, there are still people who value their anonymity and privacy. For some, it is not easy to make that first step and state, this is me, let’s chat. Being able to send a message without being direct or confrontational is a must for some. So, you’re left with little choice in today’s time about contacting other people. Social media platforms have put all of us up in front with our pictures and personal lives on display. Luckily, some outlets have thought about being able to send a message to your crush while remaining anonymous. If you have the same idea, you can visit this website, and check out ways you can send SMS messages anonymously. Websites such as these excel in keeping you 100% anonymous while guaranteeing your privacy better than Denzel Washington. So anonymity, privacy, and ease of use for you to establish that first contact is up there for grabs. You just need to try out the resources that are there at your disposal.

Use an Email

Well, isn’t that an idea? While emails can also be personalized, you can make them whatever you like. Having someone’s email address is the same as having their number. There are more than 4 billion people out there using emails daily. Hundreds of marketing campaigns are carried out through emails, and they are an amazing way of communicating. Of course, no one expects a text message via email from their crush, but that touch of originality could prove to be your breaking point. When you’re using an email professionally, you usually tie it to your name. But, easily so, you can name it [email protected] and start your anonymous adventure with your crush. While this is not orthodox texting, it can be seen as such. After all, you’ll be using lines of text, while also being able to remain anonymous.

Use The Google Voice


Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. So, it’s no wonder that they have a solution for almost any problem. Anonymous texting can be solved by using one of their apps. Have you heard of Google Voice? Even if you haven’t, if anonymous texting is what you want, you should look into it. It is a Google app that can be used for voice calls and text messages. What you’ll love to hear is that it is a free app. All you need to do is to download it from Google Play Store. Once you download it, you need to create an account by using your email address. The best route to take would be to use an email that doesn’t contain your name or last name. during your account setup, you’ll agree to terms and conditions but also you’ll be tying your phone number to the app. What keeps you anonymous is the fact that you’ll own a separate Google Voice number. As far as texting goes it is rather similar as with most of the other apps, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Burner Number

Feel like an action star. We mostly hear about burner numbers and burner cell phones in the movies. Shady guys love them. But, they can have a romantic side to them. We are talking about numbers that are used when you only need them in one-off situations. They are easily made and even easier to discard. This is what makes them ideal for sending anonymous text messages. If your affairs start, it’s great. If it doesn’t, well, it doesn’t matter, your number was for one use only. You’d be surprised to hear how many relationships started off this way. The best part is that today you have various online apps and websites that allow you to create burner numbers. So, you can look around, pick the one you like, and start chatting with your crush.

Send a Letter


Wait a minute! We are talking about texting here. We do. What’s your point? Sending a letter is a form of texting. The old way. Some would argue that old ways of doing things are the best. The letter guarantees you anonymity. You can deliver it to a doorstep, or you can send it via mail. You can sign the letter with anything you like. All that matters is that you know the address of your crush. While you’re not guaranteed to receive a response when you send a letter, it is a form of communication after all. Even if you leave your address, it doesn’t reveal your identity. And if your crush is curious enough to find out who is living at a given address you already made a big step forward in your texting.

Bottom Line

Anonymous texting is a thing. Many people want to chat with their crush but remain anonymous for a while. The good news is that it can be done. The bad news is that you’ll have to reveal yourself sooner than later. It has to be done. But the first step can be secretive. Now you know how.