Serena and Venus Williams are among athletes targeted by Russian cyber group called ‘Fancy Bear’

’Fancy Bear’ aka Tsar team (APT28) hacked WADA ( World Anti-Doping Agency) and attained classified documents that directly incriminate quite a few of the world’s elite athletes.

Some of the most notable names that can be found on WADA documents are Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Simone Biles.
The later one managed to win four gold medals at recently closed Rio Olympics games.

According to Fancy Bear, after reading the documents, that they have taken from WADA database, more than a few American athletes have been tested positive for illegal substances during the last decade.

They are calling IOC and WADA ’corrupt and deceitful’ because they allowed these athletes to use illegal substances by listing them for therapeutic use.

Venus Williams used prednisone in 2010, prednisolone in 2011 and 2012 and triamcinolone during 2013. She has been given this without clear diagnose, or at least it wasn’t mentioned in the documents.

Her sister Serena, who is one of the most decorated people in tennis, was given the access to oxycodone in 2010, hydromorphone and prednisone in 2014 and methylprednisolone in 2015.

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Four gold medals were won by Simone Biles, at Rio Olympic games during the summer, despite she was actually tested positive on methylphenidate back in August and despite that, she was not disqualified. Back in 2013 and 2014, she was given dextroamphetamine on unknown diagnosis.

WADA has given the statement indicating that access to these documents was gained through hacking of email accounts, where the hackers managed to get passwords to access ADAMS database. They believe that Fancy Bear obtained only documents that have the direct connection to Rio Olympic Games, and that other databases are secure.

They also stated that are aware of the situations that involved athletes must be going through, and what kind of threat does this represent to their careers.

At this moment there are no official statements or reactions from above-mentioned athletes.