Twitter plans character limit changes by September 19

Twitter is about to make changes to their social media network and they are going to change the way users tweet and the way tweets work. From September 19th, the company plans to introduce measures on ways to cut down the types of content which would count to the platform’s 140 character limit.

According to various reports, media attachments (which includes images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc), and quoted tweets will not count towards the character limit. The extra characters released will surely be welcomed by Twitter users in order to make their messages and express their feelings clearly.

The announcement to make changes to the counting of extras such as photos, videos and the user polls was made by Twitter back then in May. However, the company did not put a date to the changes, so people have been waiting patiently for the changes. Twitter spokespersons were not available to comment on the issue when contacted. However, the date for the new changes is has been confirmed by two sources who are familiar with the company’s business, even though the plans could change for the rollout.

Twitter is also planning another adjustment to their character limit. The company said that the usernames which will be used at the beginning of replies will also not count in the character limit, which means users get more additional workspace to chat with their followers. The blurry part is whether the changes will still occur simultaneously, with some people arguing that Twitter might gradually make changes to stop counting the character limit which will be in stages. The company is expected to at least start the move next Monday.

Back in May, Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, told reporters at the Verge that the changes coming were going to be the most notable changes in regards to the conversations on Twitter in particular. The changes would help with the full expressiveness of users on the social media platform. He said that because of the changes he was excited to see even more dialog because of the changes which were brought in.

These are some of the changes which have been on the pipeline for Twitter. The company has been thinking of extending the maximum length of tweets so that they can help with user expressiveness on the platform. However, back in January, Dorsey said that the 140 limit was much better in its own scope. It was a beautiful constraint which was originally put in so that tweets would be able to fit into the SMS messages.

Back then, Dorsey also noted that Twitter would not lose the creativity, brevity, and the speed that was necessitated and brought up by the character limit. The company will continually look into ways to extend the user experience. Twitter aims to give their users a chance to express themselves so that they can extensively express themselves which would mean no more taking screenshots and typing tweet-storms.

Therefore from next week the message will be the most important feature on Twitter, instead of the media which might be attached to it.