Seth Rollins Talks About Shield Reunion

It looks like the successful factions in the WWE is a thing of the past as there weren’t many modern day factions that became as popular as some of those that were formed in the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression era. But still, in the recent history of the WWE, the company was able to produce one faction that will never be forgotten. We are of course talking about the Shield.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose formed the Shield that was successful both as a face and a heel team. Everybody loved them in the ring, and everybody enjoyed their performance while it lasted. Them breaking up at some point was unavoidable as that always happens in the WWE. Seth Rollins was the one to break them up, so that was the beginning of the singles careers for each of these superstars.

Ever since they broke up, the fans are talking about them possibly getting back together down the line. There is no doubt that it is going to happen eventually since the company would be throwing the money away if they don’t bring back the Shield at some point in the future. Recently, Seth Rollins was talking about that and had some interesting remarks.

“I’m sure it could happen at some point, you never know, We’re all on our own page and have one goal in mind like we did before. We’ve all got our individual goals now. It would take something very special to get all three of us back together with a singular goal. That was the focus before, and the reason we came together, to begin with, we had a singular goal to make waves.”

He also said that the feud between the Club and the Shield that could happen in the future would be great for the fans as they could probably create some magic during the feud.