Mindhunter Release Date


David Fincher’s last movie was Gone Girl which really surprised the world. Thankfully, we will enjoy his brilliant mind soon, because he is working on the series called Mindhunter which is going to air on Netflix. This TV Show should premiere on October 13th and all of the episodes of the first season will be available on Netflix.

Fincher is the executive producer of the show, but he also directed first two episodes. Mindhunter follows two FBI agents back in 1979 who interview serial killers in order to help them solve current crimes.

The release date of Mindhunter is perfect because you can binge-watch it and then focus on Stranger Things Season 2 which is going to debut on October 31st. Fincher and executive producer Charlize Theron have been developing Mindhunter for a while, a series that will star Jonathan Groff from Looking, Anna Torv from Fringe and Holt McCallany from Alien 3.


The series will be based on the book written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas called Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Meanwhile, Fincher is working on so many projects one of which is an hourlong drama called Utopia where he is going to direct literally every episode.

However, this project has some issues with the budget, on top of that the filmmaker is looking to score a director’s place for World War Z 2 where he is going to team up with Brad Pitt. However, Mindhunter is basically his first major project after Gone Girl, and we cannot wait for the premiere. You can take a look at the official teaser trailer below.

What about you? Are you excited?