Shadowhunters Second Season coming up, release date & trailer

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Having ended the Season 1, the popular American TV series Shadowhunters is rushing towards the anticipated second season as the ongoing are gradually pacing up. The producers continue to fire the viewers’ imagination even in the promo which was posted on the show’s official Twitter page. The prime focus of the video is Victor Aldertee’s (Nick Sagar) search for Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) and plot of the season mostly revolves around them.

As Victor took a lead of the New York Institute, he is using every opportunity to find more information about Jace, which implies his questioning and examining everyone who has been in touch with him. His desire to find Jace has made him toy with the idea of shutting the Institute down.

Among many others, this season also includes Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle), Alberto Rosende (Simon) and Isaiah Mustafa (Luke), who are under Victor’s scrutiny as he suspects that they are hiding the Jace’s current location. As Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) represents the biggest threat to everyone, the viewers might get concerned about Jace’s dark future, since it is easy to believe that Jace is making an alliance with the previously mentioned villain.

The question that can be posed now is whether Jace will make it through to Season 3 alive or not. The release date of the second season is on Monday, January 2, on Freeform. It is then that the audience will come to know the destinies of their beloved characters and witness all the different shocking moments the show might deliver.