Shazam – 5 Actors Suitable To Be The Rock’s Rivals


What all superhero movies fans are eagerly waiting to hit theaters are definitely the movies Shazam and Black Adam. However, these titles will be released in the next few years, so we will have to wait patiently. We can agree that it’s certainly worth the wait since these superhero movies will have a great and promising cast. Therefore, it will be no less than an epic super-showdown which we will have an opportunity to witnesses.

Seeing a boy turned into God Shazam or the deadly ancient warrior Black Adam promises a lot of fun and curiosity at the same time. We can say almost with certainty we will be glued to our seat and the big screen while we are watching them deal with out of this world situations. Witnessing any good or bad deeds of the hero in such movies and seeing them experience all the incredible adventures has always been an adventure for the audience as well, especially when a popular and beloved star portrays the hero.


As we are already familiar with, Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson will be portraying the villain, but it is now up to Warner Bros. to find him a suitable rival. There are not many who can stand up to him in a preferable way.

This makes casting decision quite demanding since there needs to be a delicate balance for Shazam. On the one hand, the actor who will portray him needs to have what it takes to be The Rock’s foe, and not only that, he should have the boyish attitude of Shazam’s inner-monologue.

In our opinion, there is only a handful of actors who could succeed in pulling this off, so we are offering several suggestions. Below you have five slides of the people who could stand up to Dwayne Johnson and his portrayal of Black Adam.

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