Today’s News – Google Chrome for iOS will now be Open Source + more!


This may come as a surprise to some, but today Google announced that the code behind the Chrome for iOS will now be available as part of the Chromium project. This desktop browser, as many of you probably know, has been based on the open-source code, but the sheer complexity of the iOS version managed to keep it separate all this time, finally that is changed, and it will no longer be such.

Why is this such good news? Well, primarily it is good for developers that are trying to insert their spin on an iPhone browser. Just to put this thing into context, some of the rivals of Google’s web browsers like Opera actually share the same underlying Chromium code. For users, this means that they will have more choices when the time comes for them to choose web browser in the App Store. Since we are on the topic of browsers, it is important to use this opportunity to tell you that the Microsoft Edge will receive some new tab management features when the Creators Update arrives this April. This means that users will be able to quickly see thumbnails of all opened tabs, organize them in groups, and hide them away for later. Some of the other improvements here are WebVR support, e-book integration, and performance improvements.


There are some indications that Microsoft team is working on something called Windows 10 Cloud. The info about this project is a little scarce and hard to come by (at least those that are verified), but the gist is that Windows 10 Cloud will be a simplified version of Windows that just runs Universal Windows Platform apps. This will allow it to be positioned in a way to be a direct competitor to the Chromebook market, at least according to ZDNet report. Another piece of info is that the Coin is shutting down. The Coin device, whether you knew about it or not, was conceived as a digital wallet that holds all your payment info so you wouldn’t need to carry all your cards around. It was acquired by Fitbit last year, and existing Coin devices will continue to function normally but with lowered functionality for the duration of their battery life, according to Coin.

And last but not the least info of the day is the announcement from Slack where they state that they want big corporate customers. If you wonder based on what is this “demand” made then we happily report that they have a new product called Enterprise Grid that is supposed to work more efficiently for companies with thousands of employees. Basically explained it is conceived to allow companies to create different Slack instances for different teams so that you don’t have 10.000 people in a single chat room, at least according to Slack.