Shetland Season 4 Release Date Speculations


In case you didn’t know, Netflix has released the schedule of the release dates of its series, where you can find out about the streaming of your favorite TV show. Moreover, you can also see which new series will be streaming on this network.

As you are all familiar with, on Netflix one can spend hours and hours enjoying different movies and TV shows of all genres that are suitable for all tastes. And all you have to do in order to have limitless access to its massive collection is to subscribe and pay a quite affordable monthly fee. Even though the majority if its shows are from television, Netflix is about to make some original shows on its own. They have one highly popular animated series – F Is for Family. Furthermore, one of the newest shows on the network will be Shetland.


Anyone who is keen on suspense and drama in their television will love Shetland. As far as its plot is concerned, it tells the story of Jim Perez. Horrible murders occur on the Shetland Islands and he and his team are to investigate them. The series originally premiered on BBC and there are three seasons streaming on Netflix. However, as its fans are approaching the end of the third season, they must be wondering when the Season 4 will be delivered.

If we take a look at the time interval in which Netflix releases new seasons of shows, we can draw the conclusion that in the case of Shetland it usually takes one year from the premiere of Shetland on BBC to its premiere on Netflix. Therefore we can say that Shetland Season 4 will probably be streaming on Netflix around April 2018. We are just taking a wild guess, it doesn’t mean we are right, so all we can do is wait and see.