Bucky Brooks: “Prescott A Product Of The System”

Source: dallascowboys.com

Every single Cowboys fan was in love with Dak Prescott a year ago. Even though Tony Romo was probably still a better quarterback than Prescott, the best move for the team was to leave him on the bench as Dak and the Cowboys were on a huge run with Romo out of the action. Prescott gave Cowboys some stability that Romo was actually never capable of delivering.

NFL analyst for NFL.com Bucky Brooks likes what he saw from Prescott in 2016, but he thinks that the team elevated him more than he elevated the team. There is for sure a case for that as he didn’t have many explosive games as the Cowboys really didn’t need him to make or break the match. They just don’t ask that of him.

Source: www.nfl.com

With the Dallas Cowboys wanting to run the ball as much as they could, it is understandable why the defenses were focused on trying to stop Ezekiel Elliot running through their lines and into the end zone. That for sure helped Dak Prescott as the opposing teams weren’t focused as much on him. The key was stopping the run and Ezekiel Elliot and not the pass and Dak Prescott.

That is what Bucky Brooks was trying to point out. Yes, Prescott didn’t make many mistakes, and he was praised for that, but he was not under much pressure as defenses were focused on the run, and his offensive line gave him a great protection. That is all Bucky was trying to say. He is still a good player, but the fact of the matter is that he still has to prove that he is a franchise caliber player and that he can deliver when the squad is in great need.