Shinsuke Nakamura Appears On Smackdown Live


Post Mania Smackdown Live episode is over, and there were some noteworthy moments on this show. These events after Wrestlemania are always exciting as there is always a chance that there will be a big surprise on the show. Everybody kind of thought that Nakamura is going to make his main roster debut, but it was still a big surprise when he showed up on Smackdown Live.

There is no doubt that he is going to make a big impact for the blue brand. They have written better storylines than Monday Night Raw, and now they get a guy like Nakamura, who is a special talent in the WWE and needs good and smart booking. Smackdown is going to put him in a better position than Monday Night Raw would have, so adding him on the to the blue brand is a good decision.


Now, with him there, the main event picture is going to get interesting. There are a lot of great feuds for Nakamura, but we will have to wait until the major Superstar Shake-Up in order to see who is going to end up on which show. If we take a look at the roster the way it looks now, AJ Styles going up against Shinsuke is something that all the fans want to see. If WWE is smart enough, they are going to keep these two away from each other until Wrestlemania 34 when they would have a big money fight.

John Cena is the other big name that comes to mind when we talk about Nakamura. When Cena is in the feud or the ring, you know that it is a big deal and the way this guy talks on the mic he usually makes the match a must-see event. He is mostly putting the talent over right now and he should also do that with Shinsuke.