The Rock explains why he is totally bald!


Well, everyone knows this one. The Rock is bald, and there is nothing we can say to change that, it is just a part of his great persona. But we couldn’t help it, we tried to picture him with hair on, and it just didn’t seem right. According to the man himself, there is a reason behind his baldness, and it’s a good one.

Apparently, on Monday Dwayne Tweeted an explanation for his baldness which came up hilarious. The reason why this topic came right now instead before is because of a joke from Showtime’s A Season With where they Tweeted a GIF of Johnson, with hair nonetheless! To this Johnson wrote on his Tweeter account “Why I luv GIFs. I’m not bald because I went bald. I’m bald because my hair is a cross between an afro and hair from a Lama’s b*ll s*c. #TheU”

As you can see Dwayne utilized his Tweet to explain several things like the fact that he isn’t bald because he lost his hair due to male pattern baldness, his baldness is entirely his own choice, and here comes the kicker. He chose to be bald because his hair is a cross between, WAIT…. WHAAAT?! Yeah, you read it right, as well as we have, and every fan of his out there.


That exact comparison at the end of Dwayne’s Tweet is what started an avalanche of fans replies saying anything from “Hahahaha I love you Dwayne,” and people writing that they need to Google that to see it. More comments like “I laughed way to hard at this!!! How do you know what a llama’s b*ll s*c is like!?!? Wait! I don’t want to know.”

But besides these who praised Dwayne’s wit and laughed hard at his strange reference, there were those who tried to reassure him that his hair looks awesome, should he ever choose to let it grow back. One fan wrote “There’s nothing wrong with your hair,” while another stated, “Your hair looks awesome here, what are you talking about?”

There you have it Dwayne, don’t be shy, we are here for you if you ever decide it’s time for a change!

Here is a link to the entire conversation on Twitter.

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