Should Dallas Cowboys Go After Richard Sherman?


Dallas Cowboys have a clear-cut plan in their mind for the NFL Draft – they are going to focus on the defensive side of the ball. The lack of firepower on that side of the ball really hurt them in their Playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. When you can’t defend the pass, and you can’t rush the quarterback, it’s pretty hard to beat one of the best signal callers ever in Aaron Rodgers.

While Dallas interviewed many pass rushers as they are their priority, they have also looked into the cornerback pool and are expected to draft one of those guys maybe even in the first round. If not then, the second round seems like the right time for them to grab one pass defender in the Draft.


Since the free agency period slowed down, there have been rumors that Richard Sherman was available. The Seahawks shut down those rumors pretty quickly, but it seems that those were true. Dallas needs a player like Sherman in their defense. The kind of a number one corner that he is, adding this guy to a roster would be a good move for the Cowboys.

Of course, the price would be pretty high for one of the elite defenders in the NFL. When the Seahawks were asked about what other teams need to offer in order to get their star corner, Ian Rapoport reported that Seattle is trying to establish a huge price for Sherman. Seahawks would like to get a pick back in return, probably a first-rounder and a quality player on a low salary in exchange. Dallas could always offer something like that, and that young player can be one of the offensive linemen as they have a couple of guys that are pretty good while still on rookie deals. We’ll see whether or not Dallas becomes interested in Sherman in the coming weeks.