Tony Romo To Become A Dallas Maverick For A Day


Even though the Dallas Cowboys are by far the most popular team in the Big D, there is no doubt that the Mavs are also getting some love from the city. In fact, they are the squad that gave the city its last championship in professional sports as the Dallas Mavericks captured an NBA Championship for the first time in franchise history back in 2011.

Now, with Tony Romo not playing football anymore and moving on from the city of Dallas, the Mavericks want to make him a nice tribute during their last home game of the season. They won’t be playing in the postseason, so they can take a small break at the end of the year and have some fun in their last home game.


The Dallas Mavericks will have former Cowboys quarterback suited up for their final game of the year against the Denver Nuggets next Tuesday. He is going to be sitting on the Dallas Mavericks bench, in full uniform, just like a player. Mavs are making this a small tribute for Romo as they are turning him into “a Maverick for the day.” All of this was reported by the ESPN’s well-known reporter Marc Stein.

Even though Tony Romo will be in a jersey, he won’t be entering the game, despite the fact that the contest with the Denver Nuggets has no meaning for the home team. This way, Tony Romo will get a chance to suit up one last time for Dallas. But, it won’t be the same Dallas squad that he played for or even the same sport for that matter. He is going to suit up for the Dallas Mavericks.