Should Dolphins Move On And Bench Ryan Tannehill?

Things are looking really bad in Miami. They just can’t get it together. Dolphins’ season is most likely done at this point. Only one win in their first five games. It’s not only New England that looks uncatchable for Miami, but at this point, Buffalo also seems like a team that Miami can’t surpass.

Their defense has been solid in Week 1 against Seattle, but it’s all downhill from that point on. Mariota was sensational against this team as he scored a total of four TDs.

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But the defense is not their biggest problem. It’s the offense, and mainly the man that is running the offense. It’s Ryan Tannehill. After that big play to start the game against the Bengals, he couldn’t get anything done with his wideouts. He was just as bad this time around. And it was against average Titans defense, on their home turf.

And he managed to only complete 12 of his 18 passes for not even 200 yards. He finished the game with 191 passing yards and no touchdowns. On top of that, he managed to throw two interceptions and seal his teams’ fate.

Dolphins need to move on from this man. They haven’t made the postseason with him, and it looks like he is not only not improving, but falling further. They need to go in the other direction and maybe draft a quarterback in the next years’ draft. And they’ll probably have a good pick since this season is abysmal and probably will get even worse.