Should Lesnar vs. Joe Happen At Summerslam Too?

The original plan that WWE had for the Summerslam main event was Braun Strowman going up against Brock Lesnar. They were supposed to meet at both Great Balls of Fire pay per view as well as during the biggest show of the summer. But, the injury to Braun Strowman changed everything, and it added some kind of unpredictability to the Monday Night Raw main event scene.

Now, there are reports that Brock Lesnar is going to face Roman Reigns after he finishes with Samoa Joe at the July Raw PPV event. He also might still face Strowman at Summerslam, but there is no news on that as of right now. But, should the WWE just stick with Samoa Joe as Lesnar’s number one opponent this summer?


The video of their first confrontation got a lot of views on Youtube which is always a good indication. It seems that people are really interested in what these two have to offer. We agree with the fans on that as this is two legit guys going up against each other. This really has a big-fight feel to it, and it would be a shame for the company to do this match just once.

In our opinion, they should have this duel at the Great Balls of Fire end in some kind of controversy and then add the stipulation to the showdown that should close out their biggest show of the year. If they go with Reigns or Braun, it should be a good battle as well, but if these two guys tear the house down at this next PPV, they should be given the main event spot at the biggest show of the summer. There is no doubt that they are not going to disappoint.