Should You Buy a New or a Second-hand Bicycle

Buying a bicycle is a venture one does not undertake every day, whether they intend on acquiring it for their young ones, their better half or their selves, so asserting your options before making a purchase is considered a must if you want to get the most bang for the busk you are willing to spend. Therefore, we come to the topic of our article, which is one of the most important things to consider and it is whether you should buy a new or a second-hand bicycle. The point is to end up with the best possible solution for the budget you have, so read the following lines and figure out how to facilitate this endeavor for yourself with the application of useful bits of advice listed below.


Since you are investing money, it is reasonable to wish to pay as least as possible for the goods you are purchasing. In a nutshell, obtaining a second-hand bicycle will cost you less than if you opt for the same model straight from the bike store, but this should be explained a bit more so you get the broader picture. Namely, if you decide to go for a used bike, you need to take into account things such as warranty, condition, reliability, and other factors we shall discuss later, while you would not have those troubles if you buy a new one. Therefore, a cheaper option might save you a buck or two, but you might end up with a product of less value in the end. Anyways, the choice is up to you, so do not let other people’s experiences stop you from doing what you reckon is good for you.


This one is simple, so, if you go for a used bicycle, expect nothing but the bike. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a new model, what you should be granted is a warranty on your bike. How long the warranty would last depends on the deal you make with the vendor, but besides the warranty, you can expect further support and authorized service when the time for tire changing and additional repairs come. When a second-hand bike breaks, you would have to find the adequate repair service on your own and have nobody else but yourself to blame for additional expenses and time-consuming repairs, while at authorized services you might enjoy additional discounts for faithful customers.

The Quality

Do bear in mind that a bicycle, like any other commodity, becomes a used good and its value degrades. While this can affect the price you pay for a relatively new, but still used bike, it does not mean that you will come across an offer as good as that, moreover, you would probably find a model with an admirable internship. It is particularly important to pay additional attention when you search for used bicycles online since current owners could use different techniques to present their goods in a better condition than they truly are. On the other hand, when you buy new bicycles online, you can expect to get the item from the product declaration without worrying you have paid for a cat in a sack. At and find additional info on online bicycle shopping.

Reliability of the Vendor

Nowadays, dishonest people use dishonest ways to trick others and fraud them via various trading offers. The same goes for when you want to buy a used bicycle, so what you want is to deal solely with the individuals you can trust, especially when online shopping is in question. Apart from they can sell you a faulty good, they can also provide you with a stolen bicycle, so beware if you come across an expensive model being offered for a dream price. If it is too good to be true, it probably is, so you would want to save both your money and your nerves by not dealing with suspicious personas. On the other hand, a new bicycle comes with a receipt, so you have coverage if anything gets not the way you planned. You can even return the bike within a defined period if you do not like it and have your money back, while that is definitely not an option when you purchase used goods.


Another factor you should take into consideration when buying a bicycle is for what purpose you need it. If you are a cycling enthusiast you would most likely be satisfied with a fresh new model straight from the production track, and you would know how to make the most of it, as well. Spending too much money on a bike you will only ride once in a while could be a bad investment, since even renting would be a better option than spending a fortune on a quality model that would serve as a dust collector somewhere in your garage. In that case, not only that buying a used model would be a better solution, but it could save you tons of money. Also, if you want to buy a bike for your youngster who will outgrow it within a year, it would be smart to buy a second-hand bicycle, since you could resell it afterward without losing any money. Small bikes break less frequently, so you would not have to worry about it being functional, still, you should try the goods before paying them.

So, what is it going to be, a new or a second-hand bicycle? Both of the options have their unique pros and cons, so it is up to you to figure out which one suits you better. Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and various suggestions will come in handy before you make the decision. Therefore, make sure you double-check the facts and assert your options thoroughly before making any final decisions. In the end, it is not important how much money you spend, but how you spend it, because a cheap used bicycle might prove to be a better bargain than a new one.