Best Online Learning Platforms Every Student Should Consider

Every profession evolves rapidly today. Thus, experts who want to stay afloat and be demanded on the labor market have to improve their skills continuously. Even professional writers take courses to advance their writing skills, let alone marketers, digital artists, analysts, and coders. Online courses are also suitable for those who only start mastering some new skill or area of knowledge. By studying online, they can gain initial insight into the topic and decide whether to continue more serious education on the subject.

To help you choose among the best course providers, on Studyfy we provide a summative review of top learning platforms available online. Read about each of them to better see which suits your educational goals, budget, and learning preferences.


Udemy has for a long time been the U.S. market leader in massive open online courses (MOOCs). The uniqueness of this platform is the availability of hundreds of thousands of courses free of charge. At present, the company provides over 150,000 courses and serves over 40 million students. Its educational materials are prepared both by reputable professors and by knowledgeable experts. Here, you can find tons of super-useful courses, from programming to honing your writing skills.

Overall, it’s vital to point out that Udemy is mostly perceived as a company providing the improvement of existing skills. In other words, it won’t substitute higher education. Nor will it allow you to obtain qualifications for professional employment. Yet, you can gain valuable credits and accumulate knowledge by studying here. Becoming more competent and competitive overall is possible with this platform.


Another widely famous name in online education is Coursera. The course is a brainchild of Stanford University’s professors. Existing for almost a decade (since 2012), Coursera has already served millions of students. Some of its courses are available for free, while others cost money. Courses typically last from 4 to 12 weeks, with the format mostly focusing on video delivery of material via lectures. Students complete milestone assessments and sometimes even take exams at the end. This is done to verify their qualifications and get a certificate of completion.

Starting from 2017, Coursera started offering full-scale Master’s degree programs online. The platform collaborates with the most reputable educational establishments worldwide. So you’re sure to borrow the precious knowledge of knowledgeable, famous professors when taking a course here. Now MBA courses are also available.

Khan Academy

While Coursera and Udemy originated in the USA and perform globally, Khan Academy is probably the only non-American educational organization that has achieved similar success. Its major specialization is short video lectures. Yet, it also provides supplementary practice exercises and materials as educator aid. The best about Khan Academy is that all courses are free of charge. And all students can have universal access to its functionality and features.

Khan Academy is dedicated to accessible, free education as a sustainable solution to global issues. Its financing mostly comes from donations from philanthropic organizations. The most well-known donators include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and the Musk Foundation.


EdX is another unique educational resource. It gives access to premium courses from MIT, Berkeley, Harvard professors, and other reputable academic institutions. To date, the organization unifies over 160 member universities that donate their courses and make them accessible free of charge. In 2024, the number of active registered users at the website exceeded 470,000 persons, so this company’s future seems bright.

Overall, EdX is the best platform you can use to boost your knowledge and skills if you’re interested in science. Here, you can get professional certificates. You can even complete MicroMaster’s programs to get official credentials and seek employment. The website specializes in Data Science, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Design courses. Here, you will get various options for professional development.


Some people want to boost some skills and learn from the best representatives of your industry. Probably will be their best choice. Here, the stylish and inspiring interface of masterclasses recorded by the greatest gurus will quickly get you involved in the study process. Here you can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay and learn chess from Garry Kasparov. You can find out the secrets of classy interior design from Kelly Wearstler and become a makeup pro with Bobbi Brown’s course. Iconic personas deliver all courses, and even the treat of watching them teach you is worth every dollar you pay.

LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as Lynda, this is one of the oldest online education platforms present on the market since 1995. LinkedIn Learning now has become a new, powerful digital learning space player. Here, you can find courses on dozens of disciplines. It has an impressive collection of documentaries about creative leaders and artists. A ton of various educational resources helping you excel in your studies can also be found here.


Skillshare is less technically focused, but it is a gem for students wishing to explore their creative side. Here you can access hundreds of courses in animation, design, lifestyle, photography, and filmmaking, as well as writing. Besides, the website contains a brilliant compilation of business study courses to up your business skills and prepare you for the real-world business activities. Some courses are available free of charge, while others cost money, but you’ll always have a range of options to choose from.

Students can join the Skillshare project on a membership basis, pay a monthly fee, and access any courses they find interesting. The platform also allows participation in collaborative projects. It offers a vibrant community of creative fellow thinkers and inspires creativity in many ways. A handy app allows you to study anywhere, which is highly convenient for modern students on the go.

As you can see, education is becoming more accessible day by day. It helps people from all corners of the world access vital educational resources at minimal rates or even free of charge. Now, it becomes accessible to even people in distant rural areas or those unable to attend college. They can now study in their rooms’ comfort, get vital professional skills, and raise their competitive advantage on the market. Try these education platforms to find the one that suits you best; it will be a valuable contributor to your future skillset.