4 Ways To Tell If a Craft Beer is Authentic


We can notice that craft beer is becoming more popular in recent years, which is not a surprise considering the quality and much better taste when compared with big productions. Many breweries choose to open small bars where people can enjoy authentic flavors. The main issue with large companies is that they are focusing on producing more often, which leads to common taste, and there is not much difference between popular brands.

For example, it would be hard to distinguish the difference between Heineken and Carlsberg since they are using the same recipe. Even those beers with additional flavors seem almost the same. On the other side, the main feature of craft beer is that producers could add various ingredients to get a more authentic flavor, and something that will distinguish them from the competition. Also, they can focus on higher quality, which is the main reason why people prefer this type of beer in the first place. If you are interested in some of the best craft beers available in Italy, you can read more here.

Furthermore, since it is so popular, you should learn more about important features of this beverage, and how to tell the difference between different recipes, flavors, and quality. Such high popularity led to many small breweries, which is great for this market since each one of them will try to introduce something new to the market. However, it is important to learn more about beer to know that it has a unique taste and flavor, along with high quality. Here are the best ways to tell if craft beer is authentic.

1. Higher Amount of Alcohol


One of the main differences between beer made in mass production and local small breweries is the amount of alcohol in this beverage. The average amount of alcohol in large productions is around 4%, while craft beer is stronger, and it can go over 10%. The interesting fact is that there are some special recipes where you can taste the beer with the amount of alcohol same as in whiskey and other liquors, which is 40%. The great thing is that you can satisfy your need for this drink with two or three glasses, instead of drinking at least a six-pack when it comes to regular products.

2. Great Taste and Flavor


Another factor that makes craft different from Lager is the taste. Each brewery can edit the taste according to their preferences. The most popular recipes are Indian pale ale, stout, Berliner, wheat beer. Also, we have to mention Hop, Smoke beer, Malt, Black Ale, and more. Each one of them has a unique taste related to the difference in additional ingredients, texture, taste, scent, amount of alcohol, and other preferences.

3. Better Selection

When it comes to companies that are making craft beer, it is common for them to introduce various tastes. Therefore, you can expect Hop, IPA, beer with lime, smoke beer, black beer, wheat, and more. Also, they usually add some additional ingredients like nuts or fruits to make the flavor even more unique. For those who enjoy beer more often, it won’t be an issue to distinguish a good beer from a bad one.

On the other side, equipment for the brewery is not easily available, which leads many people to try to make it at home. If you are interested in this hobby, be sure to learn more about the recipes and the whole process. It can be complicated if you are a beginner, and you should be prepared to repeat the process several times until you manage to get the proper quality.

In case that you are interested to buy beer from local breweries, be sure to check if they have required licenses. High popularity lead many amateurs to join to this market, but there is a chance that they are offering low-quality drinks. Maybe the best way is to visit their brewery first, or check reviews if you want to order it online.

4. Color and Texture


We all got used to the regular color of Lager beers available on the market, where all of them appears the same. On the other side, it is common for craft companies to have unique combinations of colors of their products. Also, the texture is quite different as well, with less bubbles, more bitterness, darker color, and more. Standard beer appears too watery when compared to these options.

The variety of colors is related to additional flavors added to beer. The great thing is that you can experiment with all sorts of fruits and nuts to get some amazing and unique taste that will attract more people. It is popular to add peanuts, almonds, and other nuts, along with citrus, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, and cannabis to get a unique taste.

Why You Should Choose Local Craft Breweries?


As we already mentioned, the main reason to choose craft is the taste and quality. Therefore, you will enjoy yourself more in a local pub that sells its unique recipes instead of buying popular brands. Also, you can experiment with a variety of flavors and strengths.

It is proven that a high-quality craft beverage provides more health benefits than the regular one, and you will drink less of it since it often has much more alcohol. Even though the price for one bottle can be much more expensive, it is cheaper to drink craft beer since you will only have a couple of glasses. This is option is eco-friendlier as well.

Last Words

It is essential to learn more about the main features of this drink to learn the difference and know how to distinguish the good from bad options. Large companies also started to introduce various flavors like IPA, Smoked, Hop, and more, but small breweries can guarantee you much better quality. Still, pay attention to choose only those breweries with decent experience. If you want to start making this beer at your home, you will need special equipment and effort to learn the whole process and manage to make something unique.