Top VPN Services for iPhone in 2024

When we talk about VPN, the first thought we have in mind is that your web traffic will get through an encrypted tunnel to a server controlled by the VPN company. Now your data will continue to be secure even if you stop using the VPN services if that particular site you are working on is secured with HTTPS. This sounds simple but can have a substantial impact on your privacy if ignored.

According to whenever you switch on your VPN, all those people snooping on the same network will not be able to track your activity as you are safe with VPN services. This also holds true when the other person is controlling the network. Public Wi-Fi might seem too convenient to use but is also extremely suitable for attackers who are waiting to play with your personal information.

What makes a VPN best for an iPhone?

There are usually three things that any iOS user would want for its iPhone from a VPN, and these are Speed, Security, and Support. Now, these services might sound simple for any VPN to provide, but many VPNs fail to give a tick for all these services.

Also, there are some other features that an iPhone user longs for in a VPN. A vast network of servers is an essential requirement if anyone wants to surpass the national censorship or wants to stream those geo-blocked media while traveling like Netflix Spain while sitting in the US or using Gmail in China.

One more feature that adds to the advantage of the usage of VPN in iPhone is that the screen of the iPhone is nowhere near the size of the PC monitor, and that makes every pixel count. This means whichever VPN you are using, you should customize it to a mobile form factor. The VPN should not be providing basic and minimal service and should be working smartly to the benefit of the user.

Here are some best and trending VPNs for those who are currently using iOS devices:

1. SurfShark:

Some of its features are:

  • An app surface that is intuitive with plenty of power
  • The total number of servers it includes are 3200+
  • The number of VPN locations its users can choose from is 65
  • The country it is based in is the British Virgin Islands

Along with its powerful performance, which is customizable, SurfShark’s iOS VPN app, which is also available for Android users, by the way, has got a surprisingly intuitive interface for all its first-time users. It has a design that has four tabs that are elegantly designed and also conceal a host of privacy tools.

Although SurfShark’s network is smaller when compared to some others, the VPN service takes care of it too. This VPN app offers one of the most significant advantages, which is unlimited device support. While you are working from home or from the office, and if you wish to connect numerous devices on SurfShark’s VPN, then you can do that without worrying much. Another benefit it provides is antimalware, tracker-blocking, and ad-blocking in its software.

2. EspressVPN:

This VPN simply provides everything you desire in an iPhone’s VPN. The processor of this VPN is real quick, private, and also is simple to use. Also, it is noteworthy that all these apps are virtually identical, and once you have used one of them, you tend to master them all.

In this VPN, you will get 3,000 services with a choice of location in 94 countries. This means that it doesn’t matter where you are, you will get a quality connection. Also, your data is protected by AES-256 encryption as standard.

If we go beyond the technicalities, the user interface is excellent, and it is super easy to access these in-depth features. This access gives you a choice to make your experience basic or complex.

3. NordVPN:

This is such a commonly heard VPN service that if you have ever heard of a VPN, it is because of this VPN. This security giant VPN service provider is hugely famous for its private services, and its iPhone service is not an exception. This VPN provides incredible speeds across a vast 5,200 servers with a good connection ensured by Nord. Other impressive features of NordVPN include Onion over VPN and Double VPN, which will help you keep anonymous.


This VPN is one of the oldest guards and is well known and loved by all its users who were using VPN services years ago. Even today, it is trusted by the iPhone users for its excellent services. Anyone who is residing in the US and is looking for incredible speeds then they can consider this.

IPVanish VPN services also provide tons of in-depth features like an auto-connect, a choice in protocols, and a kill switch. Also, in the recent update, the app has introduced a new part of the connection of unlimited devices, which has added to the beauty this app is.

4. Hotspot shield:

If there are VPN users who are not looking for any in-depth features and would like to keep their VPN experience to the necessary level, then this VPN app is for them. Hotspot Shield is a smart, simple, and good-looking iPhone VPN.

It is an excellent choice for all those who love to stay glued to their screens on the move as it provides the service of unblocking any streaming service. Also, its Catapult Hydra Protocol helps in delivering searing speeds, which, when combined with the fact that it unblocks any streaming service, makes it a perfect choice.


If anyone is looking for a VPN to ensure that their sensitive information is kept safe and especially out of reach of those snoopers, then an iPhone VPN is an essential item for their device. Also, providing security is not the only job of any VPN; therefore, considering this service for your device is a must. The five best trusted and smooth-running VPN apps have been listed here for those who have never used an app like this before. Install and experience VPN services to have safe surfing.