Should you Gift Flowers to Men?

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It’s challenging coming up with a perfect idea for a present for guys in your life on every occasion. Girls are easy, buy us a pretty bouquet and we’re happy. So, what about guys? What is the main go-to gift for them? Why can’t we buy them flowers?

Well, we can. In the past flowers were viewed as a gift that you would only buy for the ladies, but all that has changed now. We can buy men flowers and feel good about it. There are many guys out there who enjoy working in their garden and taking care of their pretty blooms. So, why not give them a nice bouquet?

Sometimes a pretty, colorful bouquet will do just fine, but sometimes a potted plant is a better choice. You can gift flowers on basically any occasion, for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or simply for no particular reason other than to show your love. So, the answer is yes, you should definitely gift flowers to men. Of course, some men are still not very enthusiastic about getting flowers, so you should probably just stick with a six-pack.

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Once my father started buying cacti and putting pots all around the garden, I’ve come to realize that buying men flowers isn’t such a bad idea.

I prefer getting them potted plants over bouquets as they last longer and they bring some life and color to the room. However, if you’re in search of a stunning, colorful bouquet, click here.

Anthurium Flamingo is a beautiful plant that has flowers all year long. The flowers are heart-shaped as are the leaves. The plant can grow to be around 60cm tall if it’s living under the right conditions.

Palms are another great choice, but you should be careful about who you’re buying them to as they can get pretty big. Not everyone is prepared for a small tree in their room. However, they look stunning and can really make a boring room come to life.

Cyclamens have bright blooms and can look great in the garden or on the balcony. They’re colorful and can even smell amazing too. They’re pretty low maintenance so they’re perfect even for that one guy who manages to kill every plant he gets.

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If the guy you’re buying a plant is trying to find a new hobby, then a bonsai plant might be perfect for him. These plants are my personal favorites and they can look good everywhere.

Growing herbs and vegetables on the balcony or in the garden is a great way to spend an afternoon and will provide you with fresh vegetables regularly. You can gift your man basil, parsley, thyme, mint, tomatoes, or capsicums in a pretty concrete or a terracotta pot.

As far as bouquets are considered, you should think about what message you’re trying to send with the flowers. Some beautiful flowers that men might enjoy are chrysanthemums, daisies, bamboo, roses, or alstroemeria. While chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, the meaning behind daisies is loyalty and love. The message you’re sending with bamboo is “good luck,” while alstroemeria symbolizes devotion.