Silicon Valley’s opinion about Apple’s Airpods could be a deception

We are yet to forget Apple’s revolution of the computing world and just last week, the company did it again, which has left Silicon Valley confused about what is going on. But people are still thinking Apple’s big feat next is the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack that it got rid of.

Apple is not interested in pumping thousands of dollars as others are doing. Their main interest is in securing their future. They are after creating things that will keep their customers guessing. They did this with their Watch with others following and many more to come that will keep blowing our minds.

The company with the introduction of the iPhone changed their name to Apple Inc from Apple Computer, Inc.

The change was quite big, but we are yet to know the significance of the action in its real sense.

Benedict Evans is the problem Silicon Valley has. Not really Benedict in the actual sense, as he is an intelligent man in his right and has positively affected the tech industry, however, when it comes to designing products, he does a very poor job.

Yet, he is the one we look up to when it comes to understanding what Apple is up to. In the world, there are few people like Benedict Evans save for Silicon Valley even with all thinking that it is the centres of the world, which unfortunately it is not.

We all may be thrilled about tech products, our opinion, however does not represent the opinion of everyone. It may seem like Apple loves it consumers and are interested in coming up with products that would awe them all the time, but they obviously do not care about their customers as is believed.

I have spent many years in this tech sector to offer my own 2 cent opinion. I have paid attention to the trend and what people expect and how they will react to it. I have also come to understand the point of view of experts from people that cannot be categorised as experts. I have come to know where to draw the line between how they all reason including the way I reason as well.

The Silicon Valley that we are all excited about today and love to spend our time and money is only a reinforcement of what we think and reason. They sort of read our minds and then say things that help in validating the egos that we have so that we feel alone the more as witnessed with the 3.5 analogue jack that has been killed.