6 easy steps to follow to get free Instagram followers


Social media is no longer just a platform to interact with friends or socialize. It is more than that. Today, it has become a potent tool for advertising, a place to promote business and opinions, and so on. Though different social media platforms have their own fans, Instagram has become one that has likes across the world, from different sections of people. This platform, where photos and videos can be shared, has become one of the most popular social media.

Most of Instagram users want their page to reach more and more people. The key to achieve this is to get as many followers as you can. No matter how good or relevant your posts are, if you do not have enough followers, not many will get to see it.


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Avoid buying followers from shady providers as they may use bots or fake accounts that could harm your account’s reputation and engagement. Instead, look for companies with positive reviews and a track record of delivering real, active followers like these reviewed in this guide. By choosing a reputable provider, you can safely and effectively get more followers on Instagram without risking the health of your account.

Make your page relevant: A celebrity can post any random pictures and their pages will be liked by millions because they are popular faces. But for a business or any other professional or user, it is important to have a relevant page so that people who are looking for such information will follow your page. Select a theme that you are conversant with and stick to it.

‘Like’ can get followers: Some famous Instagram users have often said that they have liked thousands of random pictures from the target users and that this strategy has helped them get more followers. Try it out.

Look what the page has to say: Often, the page only tells you ways to get more users. For example, on Facebook, they will put up accounts of people who may be the people you know and who will have mutual friends. This can get you more friends on the page. Similarly, on the Instagram page also, there are ‘suggested users’. By following these users, you can get more followers.

Geotagging can help: With geotagging, you will be able to get more local users as those who are posting in the region as you are, will get to see your posts.


Post on certain days: Some studies have revealed that posting on certain days can get more visibility. Sundays are holidays even for social media users as it is estimated that not many people post much on the day. So, if you post photos on a Sunday, it can get more viewers for sure. Similarly, it is also said that posts of mid-week get more engagement as opposed to other days. So, focus on posting relevant posts on Wednesdays.

Research findings: A research has stated that people tend to like pictures of blue things more than any other colour. So, for example, if you post a picture of a blue mug with a great quote imprinted on it, it may get more likes and views than a picture of a gorgeous red dress or something like that. It does not mean you should only focus on blue colour but just to say that you can try it out once a while. Another research says that when you are including the word ‘comment’ in the photo captions of yours, you will definitely get more comments. People want a little coaxing even on social media to comment on pictures.


Instagram is a great platform for businesses as they can post impactful pictures of their products and services which will have a special connect with viewers as compared to lengthy worded descriptions. When a business puts out a product photo, it will also include the logo of the company. So, with the maximum sharing of the picture, the company’s logo also reaches more and more people. This definitely increases brand visibility as well as popularity.