Smackdown Live Is Suffering From Mahal Being The Champion


WWE title has been in great hands ever since AJ Styles won it last year at Backlash. Then, it was Cena who took it over only to drop it to Wyatt. As soon as we thought that Bray is finally going to be treated the way that he was supposed to long time ago, he lost to Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. Even though the title flip-flopped a little bit, it looked important. It mattered. The fans were paying the price of a ticket in order to watch Styles, Bray, Cena, and Orton hold that title.

Fans wanted to see what was going to happen next when Styles was the champion. The fans wanted to see how Bray Wyatt is going to interact with Randy Orton and what is he going to say next as the champion. On the other hand, people are just not interested to see that with Jinder Mahal.


The seats are empty, there is really no interest in the product on the blue brand with him holding the belt. The championship is now not all that important as the guy that is the champion has done nothing to enhance the title.

And it’s not even that. The fact of the matter is that this guy is bad for the people that he is working with. When somebody loses to him, a wrestler that has no credibility, the superstar that has taken the fall looks bad. Just see Nakamura. He is just not that big of a deal as he was when he was on the NXT. When you combine all of that with the fact that he is not great in the ring, that his moves are boring and they don’t give anything special to the match, you have a champion that is just not good enough to carry the most important title on the brand and in the company.