The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 News

The Curse of Oak Island has gained a large fan base ever since it was aired for the first time. People are generally curious when there is a buried treasure, and they followed the Lagina brothers in their quest to find it. Four seasons of the show have passed, and no treasure has been found, and this makes the fans impatient because the crew has made very little progress.

Even though Rick and Marty Lagina worked tirelessly to find the treasure which might have been hidden by the infamous Captain William Kidd, they were not successful. Viewers are growing weary of the hunt but Season 5 will be aired on the History Channel. Still, the fans would want to see more than just digging and it is about time for the Lagina brothers to find some concrete evidence.

So far, the History Channel has done everything to keep the treasure hunt interesting. The curse is still on, and it says that the treasure will be found when seven people lose their lives. So far, six have died in a quest although some sources claim that hundreds of explorers have lost their lives seeking the treasure. Also, sponsors are losing interest because there are no results, but the History Channel will likely need a sponsor for the new season. The exact release date of the Curse of Oak Island remains unknown, but most of the viewers still want to see what happens even though they openly showed their dissatisfaction with the lack of results.

The History Channel and the Lagina brothers cannot do anything if the treasure doesn’t exist. If you believe that the whole curse and treasure is a hoax, you should read more about the Island’s history. We would like to see the Marty and Rick finding the treasure after the exhausting search. Follow us for the official Season 5 release date.