Smackdown Women’s Title Match – Wrestlemania 33 Picks And Predictions


The women’s division on Smackdown Live has had everybody involved in storylines since day one. Every woman has been used, and none of them had to be in the back and not appearing on the TV at all. That was pretty well done by the writers of this show. Now, because of the number of matches and talent that WWE needs to put on the main event of the year, girls can’t get more than one match per division. That is why we have all the girls of the roster challenging Alexa Bliss for her title.

According to reports, there is a possibility that some of the women that currently aren’t on the Smackdown Live roster show up in Orlando and enter the match. The story also says that there will be 10 superstars in the game, so that does increase the chance for the surprise entrances.


Now, there are three girls that we see as the biggest threats to win the title. First of them is, of course, Alexa Bliss as she is entering the match as the champion. The other contender that can end up victorious here is Becky Lynch, but only if the plans for her are not to feud with Alexa again.

But, the biggest favorite to win the title is Naomi, our pick. She had to let go of the title just a couple of weeks ago because of the injury, but she is now back as we saw her on Tuesday and will be in the match. Wrestlemania is in her hometown, so she is probably going to win the duel and the title. Our pick: Naomi Wins The Title.