Small Woodworking Projects That Sells – 2024 Guide 


If you are a professional woodworker, or you just like to spend your free time while making various objects from wood as a hobby, you can earn a lot of money, and establish a from woodworking. The main reason why crafting wood is so popular comes from the fact that most people find furniture and other stuff made of wood to be more attractive and have higher quality and durability.

While the market is full of cheap alternatives to wood, but people who want to buy some natural books case, rack, chair, or whatever they need, would likely hire a craftsman, who will create something for them as they wish. On the other side, you can use your creativity and the Internet, as a powerful marketing tool, and sell your woodworking projects online with your website, or via eBay and similar selling platforms.

However, for a quality crafting of wood, you will need proper tools and machines, that would provide you with the ability to shape the wood in your desired way. There are many types of machines that are necessary for woodworking, such as band saw, timber sizer, drill, jointer, and a circular saw. When it comes to circular saws, they represent the basic and indispensable tool for wood crafting. You can check, where you can find some of the best circulars and other power tools from popular and high-quality brands like Dewalt, Makita, and many more.

Furthermore, if you are good enough in crafting, you could earn a lot of money and build a serious business by selling your woodworking, and here are some of the most popular woodworking projects which are in the highest demand in 2024.

Wooden Wine Rack


With the necessary tools and surplus material or some packing pallet, you can make a great wine rack with additional glass holders. There is a wide choice when it comes to design, and this is where your creativity comes in the first place. Also, the best choice for materials is to use a transport pallet, since all you have to do is to disassemble all parts and use one that is needed. This method is the fastest and most convenient.

On the other side, selling it would not represent a problem since many people love wine, and wine rack like this one represents a great addition to a kitchen, dining room, or saloon, and it can positively affect the ambient. Even people who are not passionate about wines would choose to have such a piece to fit in their living room.



We can see credenza in almost every house or apartment, usually in the hall or living room. While there are many modern types of furniture, a wooden one that resembles the style of the 20th and 19th centuries are always a better choice since it will have a huge effect on the design of the whole space. Also, since many of these have minimalistic style, you can easily fit a wooden credenza with your modern furniture.

Moreover, since most of these are made from full wood, they could cost a real fortune, which is the main reason for people to choose the alternatives with lower quality. However, if you are talented for wood crafting, you could easily make it all by yourself. You can also make a decent profit since credenzas are very popular, especially among people who appreciate natural materials and handmade furniture.

Wooden Love Seat


Wooden chairs and love seats are the most common pieces of handmade furniture. It is not complicated to make one of these with proper tools and machines. However, you will need some talent and skill to design it to be unique and attractive.

Most of the people choose to have wooden love seats in their garden, but you could customize it with some fabric, and make it suitable for the living room. The market is full of various types of chairs and love seats, but the demand is also always high, and you could earn from your talent if you promote some nice piece of a wooden chair or love seat.

Wooden Table


There is always a high demand for wooden tables and the biggest advantage of making it is that you could finish one in a few hours if you have a decent wooden surface. You can choose from various materials for the legs of the table. The easiest way would be to connect a wooden board with metal legs.

Nonetheless, if you want to create a high-quality table, which would provide you with a higher price, you should use wood for legs too. A decent wooden table can cost more than 1000 dollars, or even a few thousand if you designed it well.

Storage Case


The storage case is a basic element in bedrooms, living rooms, and entrance hall. There are many lightweight, cheap versions of this furniture with poor quality, and choosing to make a wooden one is a cat’s whisker since you will surely sell it for a good price. Also, you should pay attention to details, since that is most important for determining the right price.

Always try to add some additional elements made from metal or glass, which will improve the design and quality of the case. Based on the size, the price can vary from under 100 dollars, but for some bigger one, you could get a few hundred easily.

Under Bed Drawer


One of the easiest pieces that you could make, and you shouldn`t worry so much about the design if you are making it for yourself. Yet, if you are planning to sell some, try to make a compact big box with quality materials that would be easy to pull and open. Also, you could leave the basic color, and offer the customer an option to color it in the same color as their beds.

If you choose high-quality wood for under bed storage, you could get more than 100 dollars for a piece, or even more if you are creative enough, and add some additional fabric and other elements like metal handles and wheels.